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Transact Client Program

Beeline has partnered with Transact to offer an exclusive program for Transact clients and their campus communities.

The first 250 users from each institution who sign up and activate a Beeline account will receive their first year FREE (a $40 value per user).

Let’s work together to help your students, alumni, faculty, staff, administrators – anyone who has student loans – pay them down faster, and get out from under the weight of their debt more quickly.

The beauty of this program is that we take on the majority of the work to bring it to life:

  • We will prepare all co-designed marketing and promo materials
  • We will develop a customized landing page branded for your school where users can learn more about the program and signup
  • We will provide reporting back to you on the number of signups, as well as user engagement data

All we ask of each institution is to:

  1. Engage in co-designing the promo materials and campaign
  2. Actively market & promote this program across your campus community through email, social media, student ambassadors, and to your Alumni

Come partner with Beeline to help the members of your school’s community achieve greater financial wellness and financial literacy, and pay down their student debt faster.

Enter your information below and we’ll connect with you to get your school’s program set up: