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About Us

Beeline’s singular mission is to combat America’s student loan debt crisis by helping people relieve the weight of their debt faster so they can pursue their passions and dreams without compromise.

We passionately believe that pursuing higher education shouldn’t lead to long-term financial burden. And we believe that the traditional mechanisms for managing student loan debt aren’t sufficient and aren’t truly helping people.

44 million Americans carry student loan debt with an average balance of more than $37K, and 15 million have significantly higher balances than that.

Currently, the total amount of outstanding student debt stands at $1.7 trillion (with a T). And it continues to climb. Meanwhile, the student loan delinquency rate and default rate — a whopping 11% — are both higher than any other consumer loan product. Today, 1-in-5 Millennials default on their student loans and 60% don’t expect to pay them off until at least their 40’s. This student loan debt problem is the next financial crisis in America. It’s already causing major financial, social, and mental health burdens, affecting a high percentage of graduates and their families.

With such an enormous financial burden challenging so many Americans, we have a better way.

We are passionately focused on positively impacting peoples’ lives by helping them find greater financial visibility and security. We achieve this by providing people with a series of practical, usable tools in a convenient, engaging mobile app, so they can pay down their loans faster, and achieve greater financial wellness.

Our Simple 3-Step Solution

Accelerating the path to paying down your student loans is simple, straightforward, and only takes a few minutes:

Step 1

Setup Your Beeline Account

Step 2

Securely Connect Your Student Loan & Bank Account Info

Step 3

Select Your Paydown Accelerators

Live Your Life

Watch Your Savings Rack Up & Make A Beeline to Financial Wellness!