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Get a Jumpstart Paying Down Your Student Loans!

Beeline will help you pay off your loans faster and lower your interest payments by applying monthly savings to the principal balance on your loans. 

Even if your student loan payments are currently frozen, and regardless of what the government ends up doing with loan forgiveness, you can make a huge difference by acting now.


Download the Beeline App and Get Started Today!

How Beeline Works

The Beeline app provides practical tools to help you consolidate and organize your loans and to accelerate paying them down.

Start paying down your student loans even faster. All it takes is 3 easy steps:

Set Up your account screen


Set Up Your Account

Provide some basic information about yourself and your school(s).


Connect Your Student Loan & Bank Account Info

Securely pull in your loan account, bank account and/or credit card information so everything is all in one place and easy to manage.

* All data is secured using best-in-class industry standard tools and protocols.

Connect your bank screen


Select Your Paydown Accelerators

Select your accelerators — roundups, cashback, shopping rules, payroll deduction, etc. The more you use it, the faster you lose it!

About Each Accelerator


You may be familiar with how basic roundups work – just set your own round up rules – to the nearest $1, $2 or $5 – and Beeline will automatically send the difference from every purchase you make with your debit or credit cards right to your selected student loan.


It seems like credit card points are becoming harder and harder to redeem.  But you can very easily choose to take any cashback you earn on your credit cards, and Beeline will automatically apply those earnings directly to your selected student loan every month.  And with us, there are no blackout dates ever!

Custom Personal Savings Rules

Our Custom Personal Savings Rules allows you to establish rules for yourself to help you save without stress.  For example, you can set it up so that anytime you buy a coffee, order takeout, or go clothes shopping, you can allocate a specific amount to to go your student loans – $3 or $5 for example. From there Beeline manages everything behind the scenes, moving the money from your selected account to pay down principal on your student loans. 

One-Time Payments

Whether it’s your birthday, payday, or just another Tuesday, pay yourself first! At any time you can choose to make a one-time payment of whatever amount you wish, and Beeline will move your specified amount from your selected account to pay down the principal on your student loan.

Invite Contributors

We know there are many people who have contributed to your education, well-being, and success, and would love to help you achieve financial wellness – Grandma, Grandpa, Uncle Joey, Aunt Rachel… whomever. Using Beeline, they too can help as you work to accelerate paying down your Student Loans.  Just invite them to be a Contributor, and then just like you they also can use the various Beeline Accelerators.  Every dollar they contribute will be automatically routed to paying down the principal of your student loans. We’re all in this together!

Now Live Your Life & Beeline Your Way To Financial Wellness!

Set goals for yourself, and then through our visualization tools you’ll be able to track your progress as you accelerate the paydown of your loans.

We usually charge a $3.50 per month or $36 per year subscription fee that covers the fees we incur to transfer payments from your banks to your loan providers (similar to other peer-to-peer payment platforms). But we are so confident that we can make a real difference in accelerating your journey to getting out from under your loans, that for a limited time we’re giving new users a 2 MONTH FREE TRIAL. Come see for yourself if Beeline is the right partner for you.

Invest 10 minutes to take control and begin beelining your way to financial wellness.

Owe it to yourself… not to them!

A Real Life Example

For someone with $30,000 in outstanding loan debt, an average 4.5% interest rate and 10-year payback term — Using Beeline’s tools to pay down an incremental $100 per month can shorten the pay down term by 3 years and save more than $10,000 in total payments!

That’s real impact!

Start on your path to financial wellness

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