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Oregon Ducks Program

Beeline, in partnership with Insomnia Cookies, is offering the following special program exclusively for members of the Duck community (students, alumni, faculty administrators, parents, etc):

  • Setup and activate your Beeline account to start accelerating paying down your student loans!
  • Receive the first 6-months FREE (off an annual subscription)
  • The first 500 members of the Duck community to activate their Beeline account will receive a FREE 6-pack of Insomnia Cookies!
  • The 3 Duck users who accelerate paying down their loans the MOST using Beeline between May 1 and July 1 will win a grand prize with some amazing items from Beeline and Insomnia.

* Use the discount code “DUCKS” to receive 6-months FREE off the annual subscription

Or Download The Beeline App

A Real Life Example

For someone with $30,000 in outstanding loan debt, an average 4.5% interest rate and 10-year payback term — Using Beeline’s tools to pay down an incremental $100 per month can shorten the pay down term by 3 years and save more than $10,000 in total payments!

That’s real impact!

How Beeline Works

The Beeline app not only provides practical tools to help you consolidate and organize your loans and to accelerate paying them down, but also gives you the opportunity to increase your savings and live your life how you chose. Getting started and using the app is simple and only takes a few minutes.

Set Up your account screen


Set Up Your Account

Provide some basic information about yourself and your school(s).


Connect Your Student Loan & Bank Account Info

Securely pull in your loan account, bank account and/or credit card information so everything is all in one place and easy to manage.

* All data is secured using best-in-class industry standard tools and protocols.

Connect your bank screen


Select Your Paydown Accelerators

Select your accelerators — roundups, cashback, shopping rules, payroll deduction, etc. The more you use it, the faster you lose it!


Live Your Life & Make a Beeline to Financial Freedom

Through visualization tools, you’ll be able to track progress as you accelerate the paydown of your loans.

Invest 10 minutes to take control and begin beelining your way to financial wellness.

Owe it to yourself… not to them!